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Songs of the Day from other blogs: Churchill & Jeremiah Nelson with Heidi Spencer

“So recently I went out and took what was rightfully mine.  It doesn’t matter that they had it first!” – overheard while making this post…

Thought I would share a couple of songs that I have been playing that I found from other blogs.  I mean, I’m just like everyone else who visits blogs – always looking for some tunes and now that I have them I’m going tell you about them as well.   The blogs in question here are the fantastic Vocal Nerd Rodeo and the amazing 5 Score Pachyderm.  Lets look at the music they brought to me, shall we?

Ben over at Vocal Nerd Rodeo had a post on a band named Churchill and a song called “The Only One”.  It was simply good, it made me feel of spring and warmer days and it was getting a fair amount of play.  Maybe it was the crazy catchy chorus, the light hearted melody that took a sad bastard like me out of a funk, but mostly I think it was the accordion.  See the original post on VNR HERE and watch the video below:
The Only One

Churchill | Myspace Music Videos


Next we have 5 Score Pachyderm with a mix-tape from early February that had a stand out track (for me) in the Jeremiah Nelson (w/ Heidi Spencer) track “Show to Show” from Nelson’s upcoming album “Drugs to Make You Sober” to be released this March.  The song is essentially a lone acoustic track and it is stunning.  It’s simple, but simply perfect – its a great compliment to the upcoming album because it isn’t exclusively a hushed folk album – so it shows the chops of Nelson.  Please take a visit to the original post for the full mix-tape on 5SP HERE and listen to the song below:

So take a listen to Churchill and Jeremiah Nelson as they both have upcoming albums and keep an eye on Vocal Nerd Rodeo and 5 Score Pachyderm for more great musical finds.





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  2. kristen Avatar

    oh “you are the only one” grabbed me right away, its got the recipe for whatever it is that makes me love a band. elephant micah + breath owl breathe a little hitide.lotide etc… slowwwcoustic

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