Song/Video of the Day: “Man Pt. 1” from South of Lincoln


Today’s song & video of the day came out of nowhere, but from a familiar place – always nice when that happens.  Creeping on music forums is one of the best ways to find music – you tend to get a lot of suggestions and the people tend to know what they are talking about.  Then, I look into it and I find a video via the good folks at Love Drunk Studios (where I first ‘saw’ the band Kill County – another winner in this category).  The song is “Man Pt. 1” from the one man band ‘South of Lincoln’.

On a side note, I actually drove through Lincoln on my honeymoon road trip and both me and my wife felt that it was the type of place we would love to live in.  Albeit from the 20 minutes in downtown getting coffee to the small divey motel on the outskirts of the town – we had it all figured out & decided!  I guess we now have more reason to revisit that plan of moving a bit further south…

Aaaaaaannnnyyyywaaaayy, this song of the day gets double treatment with audio and video – this is a good thing as well because you get the more produced version in the Soundcloud stream below and then you get a great fully acoustic version via the video.  This one man band is made up of the talented Max Holmquist who brings an ease of creating music that instantly creates a connection – you have to immediately enjoy the stark honesty and harmony that is provided in spades.  The sound can be described as a modern day storytelling folk country troubadour (I tried to fit in more words but it just got out of hand) and by his own admission gives influences of Neko Case, Damien Jurado & M. Ward – pretty good models to hone your craft if I had to say.  As I have literally just started listening to the album I can’t really make full observation on the early 2011 release, but from what I have heard – it is sounding frickin’ good.

South of Lincoln has a new EP that was just released called “The Monsters/Bathroom Sessions” but I can’t really find anything on it…so if anyone wants to point me in the direction to a purchase, I would be much appreciated!!

Please take a moment, listen, fall in love with it and then swing by the good folks at Hear Nebraska for more information and ‘Like’ him on his Facebook page to show your support for great music.  You can pick up the ‘Homes’ album via iTunes by clicking HERE.

Man, Pt. I by South of Lincoln

South of Lincoln: Man Pt. 1 from Love Drunk on Vimeo.


EDIT: The Monsters/Bathrooom Sessions on iTunes!!