Chris Kiehne “covers” Hank Williams on new album

Chris Kiehne has just released his newest album ‘A Widower’s Kind’ via his Bandcamp page and as eluded to in the title of this post he is using material from the great Hank Williams.  By his own admission he describes the project below:

“A Widower’s Kind” is a collection of significantly-to-slightly modified Hank Williams songs. Some of my favorite Hank songs, and some of his most morbid. Mark de Wilde ( created the beautiful cover art. Hank supplied everything else. God rest his soul.

If you are familiar with the originals you do know that these are more of a modern day stark singer songwriter version of the country tunes, but they do work for the most part.  I have selected a couple of tracks that stuck out as some good listenin’.




Enjoy your Friday.  Oh, did I mention this album is available for free?  You can download it via his Bandcamp Page HERE and find a link to a Mediafire upload link to grab a copy or simply chip in $1.00 or more for the Bandcamp copy (more format options than the mediafire copy).

You can also check out a previous post with Chris Kiehne here and also find him with his fantastic previous band The National Lights on iTunes here.