Chris Kiehne releases “Pray For Daylight”, gives it away for free!

Just wanted to let y’all know about an album that came out of nowhere (for me, not for him) and you all need a listen or two…  Chris Kiehne just “released” the album Pray For Daylight and is giving it away absolutely free because he simply wants it to be heard.  Well, I’m liking what I’m hearing.

Chris Kiehne was part of the band The National Lights that released one of my favourite albums of 2007, “The Dead Will Walk, Dear” and when I heard from Chris, I was excited for new material.  If you are a fan of The National Lights, you get a glimpse into what might have been next for the band with this new set of songs.  This new album from Kiehne was started a while back but due to technical difficulties (hard drive crash), half of it was lost.  Well, with the help of Jeff Alford (pianist and general music-partner) and Sonya Cotton (also of The National Lights) they re-recorded the last half of the album and now it is out there!  It combines soft acoustics, a bit of twang, piano and gorgeous melodies that make it a perfect Slowcoustic listen.

Try a sample below in the title track & a link for the entire album:

“Pray For Daylight” – Chris Kiehne, from 2011’s “Pray For Daylight”
FULL Album Download

BONUS: I thought you need to hear a track from the amazing album The Dead Will Walk, Dear

“O, Ohio” – The National Lights
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