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Lotte Kestner “goes solo” on Trespassers William

Let’s not beat around the proverbial bush here, we love Lotte Kestner (Anna-Lynne Williams) around here.  A lot.

Yesterday, Lotte Kestner released a selection of stripped down ‘solo’ Trespassers William songs on her Bandcamp page.  There are 10 tracks that span more than a few years/albums and each one is focused directly at the stunningly ethereal vocals of this west coast siren.  But instead of the mythological siren, she will not devour you whole but instead provide you a rare opportunity to listen to her songs laid bare in their stark beauty.  This is truly a ‘quiet moment’ album consisting almost exclusively of her vocals over acoustic guitar…with a few overlays of vocals & background sounds mixed in for good measure.

If you are here today for slow and acoustic music (and I hope you are), well then you have come on the prefect day with this album being featured.  I especially enjoy one of my favourite covers that she graciously included in this collection – ‘To Be the One’ originally from the band Idaho.  The song is featured on the Trespassers William EP “Noble House” (iTunes) and it is a must.  Molasses slow with only the strum of a guitar breaking up lyrics in perfect cadence.  Listen below:

So everyone, just slip on over to the Lotte Kestner Bandcamp page (HERE) and plunk down your $8.00 (or more) for this wonderful collection of songs.

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