Sunday Morning Television with your host: Meursault



Meursault are due for an album and I think it just might be around in the next bit – but who knows with these band types.  HA, just kidding (not really), but Matthew at Song, by Toad brought to my attention a new Location Music TV session with Neil Pennycook from Meursault…and it was real good.  Real good.  Neil has been on Location Music TV before and we had that video up previously (here) – so you can see by that post in April, the album is still in the works.  As I mention in the previous post linked, the songs are most likely not going to be these acoustic versions, but god damn I had to post them anyway.   Watch both of them below.

Now, did I not say ‘god damn’?  Visit Meursault and pick up the newly mastered red vinyl release of their newest album “All Creatures Will Make Merry” at Song, by Toad Records here.  You can also catch a recent performance via our good friends over at The Waiting Room here.


p.s.  Large banner image from front page obtained from (see their post here)