Video: Meursault perform new track, “Settling”

Okay so the above video from a recent LocationMusicTV session is in no way a finalized version of the track “Settling” from UK by way of Song, by Toad Records artist Meursault…but damn it’s good.

The new album for Meursault is under way but as Matthew from Song, by Toad indicates, the song will most likely be a different beast once it is officially recorded.  Who knows, can it get better?  If it does, look out…

For now (and to ensure all you mp3 hounds get a real taste of some of Neil Pennycook’s vocals over acoustics), let’s revisit one of my favourite songs of the last decade:

“Nothing Broke” from the Nothing Broke EP.
PLEASE buy this EP, you will not be disappointed.

Find more/purchase more Meursault from the good Edinburgh folks at Song, by Toad Records.