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Slowcoustic 6 month chart

What has Slowcoustic been listening to for the last 6 months? This.

Slowcoustic 6 month chart

Thought I would post on my top LAST.FM artists of the last 6 months for your perusal and judgment.  While not completely accurate of my listening as there is still my listening to music non-stop during my commute to work (2 hours daily) and my sad basement day job that don’t get scrobbled to Last.fm for these charts.  Overall I feel they reflect what I am listening to, but some artists may be up or down a spot or two.  Let’s get on with it!

~Slowcoustic’s Last 6 months of top artists playlist~

1.) Dolorean
Listen: Ghost of David (Damien Jurado Cover)

2.) South of Lincoln

3.) Jeffrey Foucault
Listen: Goners Most

4.) The Deep Dark Woods
Listen: West Side Street

5.) Pickering Pick
Listen: Like a River

6.) J. Tillman
Listen: Three Sisters

7.) Tyler Butler
Listen: Morana

8.) Frederick Squire
Listen: All Things Past Serve to Guide You on Your Way

9.) Bryan John Appleby

10.) William Elliott Whitmore
Listen: Old Devils


There you have it, what I have been listening to the most in the last 6 months.  What about you?




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2 responses to “What has Slowcoustic been listening to for the last 6 months? This.”

  1. Joshua Avatar

    I’m late to this one…I stumbled across it in a google search. But William Elliott Whitmore is what I’ve been listening to. Good stuff.

  2. Thomas Avatar

    is the group still on Last.FM still? i re:joined LFM and was looking for the group.