Song of the Day: “Come Pick Me Up” from Ryan Adams

Possibly the one song to sum up Ryan Adams to me is “Come Pick Me Up” when it is done solo acoustic. The song is a total sad bastard song done the way I like it.  Mostly because it has:

  •  A poor bastard getting fucked over as subject matter
  • Harmonica
  • Uncontrollably catchy hooks (but in a good way)
  • Hushed acoustic /strummed acoustic guitar
  • Harmonica
  • A chorus that endears the singer/protagonist while embarrassing anyone around you as you sing it aloud in public.
  • Harmonica

Well I thought I would share a recent discovery from his current/recent tour to promote his new album Ashes & Fire.  The recording is from a stop in Denver this past September and the good folks at ‘That’s The Thing About That’ Blog had recorded and offered the complete show for a free download.  It is a fantastic recording and Adams did not disappoint – he played & sounded great and actually played a perfect selection of tracks.  See the original post HERE with links to download in mp3 and FLAC formats.

I actually found this recording via ‘I Am Fuel, You Are Friends’ blog as she conveniently uploaded each track individually and is also hosting the complete show if you have any problems with the original downloads linked above.  See her post HERE.

Without further adieu, your song of the day;

“Come Pick Me Up (Live in Denver)” – Ryan Adams, Live in Denver, CO 2011-09-15