Emily Lacy – Country Singer

Emily Lacy - Country Singer Cover

Emily Lacy - Country Singer Cover

An album that has snuck up on me is “Country Singer” from outspoken artist/musician/performer Emily Lacy.  I mean it is from 2010 and it might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but there is something that draws me to it.  It is dark, gothic, beautiful and oddly easy to listen to if you give it a chance to open up and breathe.

I keep thinking that she reminds me of a female folky version of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy…on this album.  This comparison might not hold up for some, but the way that the music has a bit more gravitas than most, despite what the songs actually sound like.  Listen to a song like ‘Darkness’ on this album and you just feel actual darkness oozing from it…maybe I am putting my overall impression I have of Lacy herself and projecting it onto the album…regardless, it is a solid listen and you should search it out.

Listen: ‘Earth’ – Emily Lacy – from 2010’s ‘Country Singer’
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