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Slowcoustic Saturday Grab Bag: “What’s new(ish) and worth listening to” edition

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I have had some real great stuff float across my inbox, twitter feed, facebook timeline and overall discovered from my never-ending scouring of the world wide web.  Thought I would share as some of this stuff is just soo damn good that we all need to be listening (if you aren’t already – you Slowcoustic readers tend to be ahead of the curve in the first place…let’s be honest here).

  • Lotte Kestner is more than a musician, she is an “official” poet now!  She has a book of poems entitled ‘In the Night I Go Sailing’ and you can purchase HERE.  I also mention this as her words were recently put to the test as lyrics sung by none other than Damien Jurado.  Please swing by her Tumblr page and listen to the demo for “Blind Accidents” HERE.
  • Samantha Crain covered a Slowcoustic favourite Chris Bathgate earlier this year and it has turned up on her Halfway House Music Session.  Catch/Download her version of “Salt Year” over at Halfway House Music HERE.  Watch the video for it below:

  • Just a reminder that John Statz is releasing his next full length album with us at Yer Bird Records in January – check out the lead off track “Distance” from our Bandcamp page!

  • You have to watch one of the “Notes From Home” videos that features Trespassers William, Joshua Morrison and Tomo Nakayama (of Grand Hallway).  TW even cover The National’s ‘Fake Empire’!

  • As I was so impressed with the video above, I checked out both Joshua Morrison (find him here) and Grand Hallway (find them here) that I thought I should share some tracks from them as well!  The Grand Hallway track is the one that Nakayama performs in the video above called “Little Sister” and the Joshua Morrison track is “Bastille Day” from the benefit album Songs for Japan: A benefit for Red Cross (that Grand Hallway has contributed to as well)

  • Matt Arbogast, or The Gunshy has some new material in the form of a one track sampling that is classic Gunshy.  Listen/Download via Bandcamp embed below:

  • Just thought I would post a live track from Ryan Adams as it made it into regular listening this week.  The classic ‘A Bar is a Beautiful Place’ from a 2001 performance: ‘The Bar is a Beautiful Place’ – Ryan Adams

That is all I got for now, hope you find something in there to enjoy!




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  1. Win Avatar

    love the grab bags. thanks!