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What is Slowcoustic listening to lately? The Early March edition

As I didn’t have a specific reason to post today, I thought I would share some tracks that have been spinning on a regular basis while at home, at work and in the car.  I make massive amounts of personal playlists as I have a fairly long commute and I cannot stand being at work with only the sound of buzzing fluorescent lights.  So what am I saying?  Feel free to send me suggestions in the comments or even tweet at me on the twitters with any suggestions.


Nice split 7″ now out from Kill County (with Good Saints) and I like it soo much we will be giving away a copy of it in the next 1-2 weeks, so keep an eye out here for that give-away.  Ever since their fantastic “The Year of Getting By” these Nebraskans have been on the center of my radar – this track “Brown Lee” is another reason why.


While we are putting out Tyler Butler’s Winter King re-release in a few weeks at Yer Bird Records – I don’t want ya to forget about this little gem that has seen some repeated listens in the last week.  From his ‘Feral Horse‘ release in early 2010 continues to show the stark beauty in Butler’s songs.  Don’t miss this one.


Jonas David was mentioned to me from April over at Common Folk Music and I am finally getting to listen to it – very nice moments of acoustic jams along with a bit of full band mixed in for good measure.  It really excels in the quieter tracks like “Let Me Live” above so check out Jonas David as this is another German who knows his stuff.


Tim Showalter is now teasing us with a track before he digs into new music for Strand of Oaks.  This time we get the Weathervane Music helmed Shaking Through session with his track ‘Spacestations’.  There is a whole feature via Shaking Through and well worth a watch and it is a free download too!


That is all for now, but I will be starting this type of post more often in order to get more music recommendations out to y’all.  Enjoy!





2 responses to “What is Slowcoustic listening to lately? The Early March edition”

  1. lexi Avatar

    i’d be dead without your blog! i’m just saying.

  2. hokeyfolky Avatar

    Have you heard of Hoots and Hellmouth? I highly recommend…