Doug Paisley provides a track from upcoming “Golden Embers” EP

Doug Paisley Doug Paisley - courtesy of No Quarter
Doug Paisley
Doug Paisley - courtesy of No Quarter


Doug Paisley is the kind of guy you just want to root for and enjoy his great music.  I tend to think his music is great in the first place, so thinking that I should *feel like* I should like him only works even more for me.  I don’t know why I think this, but maybe being Canadian, I feel that both me and Doug are already behind the 8-ball.  Regardless of feeling sorry for myself (and non ceremoniously for Paisley), I feel like Doug provides some excellent music that leap-frogs any scenario of Canadian-ness and lands in a “just plain good music” territory.  He has a new EP coming out in a matter of minutes (April 17th on No Quarter) and a new album coming out later this year I believe.  You should be anticipating both.  I just felt I should post after seeing the fantastic video from Southern Souls (below) and thinking that I should be pushing this son-of-a-bitch on all of you.

DOUG PAISLEY – To & Fro from Mitch Fillion ( on Vimeo.

Find one of his new tracks “Bats” from the 5 track EP streaming below (courtesy of Paste Magazine):

Find out more on Doug Paisley: Website | No Quarter (label)


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