Record Store Day 2012! What are you buying/looking for?



Soooooo…what are you purchasing today?  Are you purchasing today?  Are you aware it is Record Store Day?  No, you should look into it by visiting the website for info (I know readers of Slowcoustic know this, this is just a ploy to offer the RSD website to the uninitiated).

I am feeling especially lazy today as it is the weekend and I plan on drinking beer in a pub with my lovely wifey while eating terribly unhealthy food and discussing what we are going to do with our millions of dollars from “trickle down funds” that an older family member wins in the lotto.  You know…Saturday.  So there are stores here in Calgary that participate in RSD (Sloth Records for one – I spent RSD2010 here) but today I fear I am not going to make it past the very edge of the suburbs, hence no bitchin record stores.  This is a tragedy in itself, so I urge you all to visit and purchase something, anything from your local independent musical emporium.

That being said, the musicians are the reason we have records and they often need help as much (if not more) than the record stores themselves.  So there is always purchasing albums online!  We do live in the future after all and can receive goods from around the world with a few clicks of a mouse.  I will pimp my own online label shortly because I can but I also want to see what y’all are picking up?  Are you picking up a RSD2012 specific item or just purchasing an LP you have always wanted but just needed that little push?  My last RSD purchase was the album “Tallahassee” from The Mountain Goats and the self titled “Daniel, Fred & Julie” vinyls.  They are fan-frickin-tastic.  They obviously were not RSD specific albums and I plan on doing a similar purchase today.  I am thinking the new Horses Feathers album “Cynic’s New Year” or the Cold Specks pre-order of “I Predict a Graceful Expulsion” (listen to a track from the Cold Specks RSD2012 release over on The Blue Walrus).  Both are amazing albums and you will want them both on vinyl.  So those are my choices, how about you?

Now we are also having a Record Store Day 2012 over on Yer Bird Records for the two releases we have on vinyl – Hezekiah Jones’ “Have You Seen Our New Fort?” and Ghosts I’ve Met’s “From A Spark”!  Both are great listens and at 50% off (!!), they are a no brainer…if we say so ourselves.  Listen to each below and click over and use your DISCOUNT CODE: “rsd2012!!  Vinyl only folks.

There you have it.  Enjoy this 2012 version of Record Store Day!