Rural Ghosts || Rural Ghosts EP

Rural Ghosts Cover

Rural Ghosts Cover

Sometimes a band name is so spot on and so accurate that it is not just the moniker of the musician(s) but speaks to what they are about, sound like and what the listener will feel when listening.  Well, Rural Ghosts is just such a band that finds itself in this position.

Rural Ghosts and the self titled 6 track EP (of course it is self titled, how could it not be?) is a recent listen for me and I am glad Erik Neilson (the man who we speak of when we say “Rural Ghosts) thought I would like a listen.   And like I do.

RG speak to what Slowcoustic might be really about.  If the description provided on the Facebook page is any indication how could they not be on this blog?

“Sparse ballads of death, love and regret, set against the thick & mysterious ambiance of Maine’s North Woods”

The songs are lo-fi and echo with intimacy.  I don’t want to assume the songs are at all autobiographical, but you always feel this way when someone rips out parts of themselves and plays music to it.  The songs are all completely acoustic and consist of guitar and voice with even the “air” around the recording adding to what is going on here.  Neilson creates songs that cause time to slip and people to slow down and listen.  While not overtly gothic sounding, the songs mix beauty and sombre like they were childhood friends reuniting after many years apart.  And they pick up exactly where they left off.  It is like the two were never apart at all.

“Bright Side” – Rural Ghosts

You can find Rural Ghosts on Facebook, Reverbnation and purchase on Etsy (yes, Etsy).