Moving Pictures Tuesday with Robert Deeble, JBM & Honig

Film Reel image from: Katelyn's Site: The 'Reel' World
Film Reel image from: Katelyn's Site: The 'Reel' World -
Film Reel image from: Katelyn's Site: The 'Reel' World

Today’s post is on a few videos that I have been meaning to post, so I thought you should take a minute to watch some moving pictures, listen to the music an maybe find something you like.  Imagine that.

Let us start with a video that includes a song from an upcoming Robert Deeble limited edition release of his album Heart Like Feathers (that comes with an acoustic EP as well!)…now that is something that we like around here.  We did recently have Deeble on the blog for his acoustic version of the title track for Heart Like Feathers (see here).  So enjoy and look for the limited release in mid June!

Visit Robert Deeble: Bandcamp/Website | Facebook


Next we have another post that includes something on JBM.  I get it already, Slowcoustic loves the new JBM album…fine.  Watch Moonwatcher on Breakthru Radio Live in studio.  I love that he is a “one man band” in this video.  Oh yeah, buy this album at Western Vinyl because you MUST OWN IT.

Find more on JBM on his website.


Next we have one of my video suggestions via Twitter (thanks Jade in Australia!).  It is a great one-take ukulele performance from Honig of the song ‘In My Drunken Head’ from his upcoming album Empty Orchestra (Sept. 2012).  The track bodes well for the upcoming album, no?  I included the Bandcamp stream below as it is such a great track.

in my drunken head from Stefan Honig on Vimeo.

Find more Honig on his Bandcamp page | Facebook.


Moving Pictures…