I’m listening to this all weekend…

Right Away, Great Captain! - The Bitter End
Andy Hull of Right Away, Great Captain!
Andy Hull of Right Away, Great Captain!

I will be listening to the below track all weekend.  Use headphones and just let it blow you away…

Because I am impatiently waiting for this album.

Right Away, Great Captain! - TCOTGT Cover
Right Away, Great Captain! - The Church Of The Good Thief Cover

The new RAGC! album comes out on Tuesday, June 12th and it will be great.  If you are a fan, you have probably listened to “Blame” below already (as well as the demo that has been around for about a year or so), and I believe it will be a good idea of the overall sound from the new album.  From the other track demos I have heard via various YouTube recordings it should be a pretty stellar album!

Without getting too deep into the situation of the sold out pre-order for physical copies of the new album and the unfortunate decision to only release a physical copy of the album as part of a trilogy set…I still am very much looking forward to the actual music itself.  I hope you all are as well.

Keep an eye out here next Tuesday morning to purchase a digital copy of ‘The Church Of The Good Thief’: Bandcamp