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Saturday Round Up

Saturday Round Up with Strand of Oaks, Right Away, Great Captain!, The Harmed Brothers, Dolorean & The Great American Desert


Sorry posting has been a little bit sparse lately around here, I have been a bit under the weather the last couple of weeks – and let’s be honest, as a man I am utterly useless if I perceive myself to be sick in any capacity.  Sorry, it is just a fact of life…I’m a princess, there I said it.

I thought I would round up some things that have happened and deserve their own posts, but again we covered the whole “I’m sick, please feel bad for me” scenario.  I am sure some of this is already known for you regular Slowcoustic readers as you folks are on the bleeding edge of great folk and folk inspired music by design…but you never know.

  • Strand of Oaks has a new track out via his Bandcamp page called Maureen’s.  The song continues on his space folk feel – kinda 70s, but timeless.   And can we be hones with each other here?  The dude is awesome – Click Here For The Awesomeness.  The song is from the upcoming album Dark Shores which is highly anticipated around here.  Tim Showalter (Strand of Oaks) will be on tour with The Tallest Man On Earth this summer/fall – so check your local concert listings.  They will be hitting right in my backyard (Calgary) on Sept. 13th!!


  • Right Away, Great Captain! is always a great thing to post about around here.  I did recently post on two videos he did that are from the new album, but there was a third video in that series from the folks at Nervous Energies and it is below.  The song is Pytor and will not be a RAGC! track but still – Andy Hull acoustic?  The dude could sing the phone book and I’m downloading the FLAC version of it…


  • The Harmed Brothers have a new album out called Come Morning and if you are looking for a bit of roots-appalachian-country-folk (I think I covered everything there) than I would be looking into these boys.  They also have a great video for the track Elvis the Lion which is a good introduction to them if you needed a formal invite (banjo anyone?).  We covered the first album HERE, so check that out as well – great stuff.  Make sure you get a listen to the bonus track 1951 that is a killer piano ballad for those that appreciate ’em.


  • Next we have my boy Al James of Dolorean (NO, NOT DELOREAN!) playing for The Portland Sessions.  He currently has 2 parts, but this first part is the track If I Find Love from last year’s album The Unfazed.  While this version is closer to the version he plays on his Sketches for Portraits album from a couple years back – it is just god damn good.  But wait, keep watching!  He pauses and then plays the track These Slopes!  Double the goodness here folks.  Make sure to check out the racy conclusion to the sessions in part 2 (spoiler: bathrobes involved).  Not afraid to say that Al James has passed the point of no return on the all time favourite musicians in my books.  Love this guy.


  • If you are so inclined, you can find our label’s next release, Carson City from The Great American Desert, streaming in full over at Hear Nebraska!  I know you are not supposed to really push your own stuff on people, it is just too good not to.  Visit them and listen in: Hear Nebraska and you can stream a sample of the title track below;

That is your Saturday Round Up folks.  Hope something in here helps you along your weekend.