New Album Release & Give-away: The Great American Desert’s “Carson City”

The Great American Desert - Photo by DP Muller
The Great American Desert - Photo by DP Muller

The Great American Desert has a new album out today!  I know I have posted numerous times here on the blog about our label releases and here I go again…

Carson City from The Great American Desert is a mellow affair, even sombre and heartbreaking in parts.  Stories of small town life (of which Max Holmquist aka The Great American Desert, considers part of who he is) and the real experience of rural life in/around/in the minds of his Nebraska home.  When I first heard the album a while back I was immediately struck by the beauty he wrings from the depths of the small spaces of life – the parts that most hide from the light, the parts that make up what most people consider who they are…often only to themselves.  Nobody wants to be the deadbeat dad, the just functioning alcoholic or the person just floating through life.  Holmquist brings these ‘characters’ to the forefront and while you don’t necessarily empathize with them, you just might see the world as it is for many.  These things are often subject matter for the singer songwriter…but if you know Holmquist, you just might believe he draws from friends, family and his own life to make this beauty of an album – it isn’t just cliches and fill in the blank sad bastard tracks.  Carson City is a glimpse into what he has seen and experienced and not just an album…

With that, I send you on your way to listen to the album via the album Bandcamp page HERE and a video and stream of one of my favourite tracks from the album, Dirt Roads.

Great American Desert // Dirt Roads from Brightest Whisper on Vimeo.


[info]Thank you for reading this far!  To reward you, I am giving away one of the last 2 CDs we have for the album (as it isn’t being sold on CD officially – only vinyl and digital).  If you can email me the name of his previous moniker that he recorded under just last year – send an email to admin[@] and I will pick a lucky winner and send you a copy of the CD!  There will be a couple more picked and I will send you some Yer Bird Records & The Great American Desert stickers as well!  This is not a “first one to answer”, but I will pick someone tomorrow from all the emails to be our winner – so get to the email![/info]

[warning]UPDATE:  The CD and Yer Bird Records sticker packages were awarded and we are no longer accepting entries.  Thanks all for playing – we will do this again[/warning]

Find more on The Great American Desert: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Yer Bird Records | Bandcamp

If you find yourself in Denver tonight – find The Great American Desert playing at the Lion’s Lair at 2022 E. Colfax ave!  More dates in KS, MO, IL, MN, IA in the next 2 weeks!  Check out his Bandcamp page or label page for dates.