Unreleased Song of the Day: ‘Yukon’ by Lake Forest

Yukon - Lake Forest

Another unreleased song of the day?  Why yes, yes it is!

Today we have Lake Forest, or the recording moniker of Will Whitwham who you may know as part of the band The Wilderness of Manitoba and the track Yukon.  Well, earlier this year Lake Forest released the album Silver Skies and this is a track that didn’t quite make the album (see more on that album via Killbeat Music).  I don’t see why it didn’t make the cut…it is a very pretty jam with his vocals/delivery reminiscent of a certain famous singer/songwriter named Justin Vernon.  I know that Vernon doesn’t ‘own’ that style but it is the easiest description to convey an aspect of this great track.

With a song title like Yukon and the image posted above, you can find yourself lost in the warm glow of the song itself – I can only image some northern lights, a chilly but not cold evening up north with this song as your soundtrack.  Hear for yourself and tell me that wouldn’t be perfect.

You can find more on Lake Forest /’Like’ them on Facebook & grab the Silver Skies album via iTunes.