Pickering Pick album (Tropic) released today!

Pickering Pick Tropic Cover

Pickering Pick Tropic Cover

Lest you forget that we have a label of awesome folk inspired music over at Yer Bird Records, we are yelling at you to ‘pick’ up a copy of the new Pickering Pick album (Tropic) that is out today!  No self respecting folkie or fan of the singer-songwriter genre would be without it…if we had to say at least.  The album is 10 tracks (but you get the Standing Stone b-side track with the album purchase as well, so really it is 11 tracks) of finger picking & piano balladeer goodness and we couldn’t be happier to be working with (Sam) Pickering Pick once again.

Listen to an album track as well as that aforementioned b-side track from the Standing Stone single below:

[info]Pickering Pick CD Giveaway: Email us at admin[at]slowcoustic.com with the name of the previous Pickering Pick album that we released at Yer Bird Records to win a copy of the (Tropic) CD!  It is not first come, first served but we will be sending it out this Friday, January 18th, 2013 so email us by Thursday evening to enter![/info]

And for good measure, you know he can work magic on cover songs too, right?

Overall, we are huge fans of the work Pickering Pick does and although we are also releasing it and kinda obligated to say so, we can honestly say we would love it either way.  And so should you.

~Sandy (Smansmith)

p.s.   Do you know what (Tropic) is?  The album is not titled after the tropics and has nothing to do with warm & sunny weather…so then hazard a guess?