Moving Pictures Monday: Coeur d’Alene from Clint Michigan Video Premiere

Clint Michigan's "Coeur d'Alene"

Clint Michigan

We are once again privileged to be working with Clint Michigan in premiering the latest video from his most recent album Coeur d’Alene. You may remember we also premiered his Aaman Crane video (here) that is also from said album (find it on Bandcamp here).

For this video of the album’s title track, don’t let the lullaby-like sound of the piano and comforting acoustic strumming belie what the song is about. The video on the other hand is just the perfect companion to bridge the simple beauty of the song to the story of struggle in the song. Coeur d’Alene was not only a location for Clint Asay but possibly a turning point.  Read more about the making of the album that may give you more insight into the song via Clint’s new website here.

Clint Michigan’s “Coeur d’Alene” from CLINT MICHIGAN on Vimeo.

The video’s music is obviously by Clint Michigan (Clint Asay) and animated by Michal Tlusty along with Creative Assistant Andriana Seifertova. The three have created a video that unfolds as a journey of a lone person which echoes hardships and loneliness then at the moment of discovery…the world seems to brighten, become fuller and more colorful. Then you see it is the path that got you to that very spot. Enjoy the video!

If in the Brooklyn area, you can find Clint Michigan playing at the Union Pool on February 28th as well.

Clint Michigan - Feb. 28th Show

Find more on Clint Michigan: Website | Facebook

~Sandy (Smansmith)