Aaman Crane – the new video from Clint Michigan

Aaman Crane Video - Clint Michigan

You might remember the new album from Clint Michigan as having a song of the day back in October (here), so why not have the premiere of the new video for the song Aaman Crane as well?

This song is the lead off track to the album and is a pining duet paired with beautiful piano and the below moving images.  The moving images are small glimpses into what can only be called everyday life if only ‘through the looking glass’ and a bit removed from it all…almost like a waking dream – it is right there in front of you but it is only glimpses of places from your memory.  Kinda…I am getting into it a bit too much I think.


Clint had a bit to say on the idea, song and video below;

Aaman Crane is the name of my first boyfriend growing up in Wyoming and basically is a song that deals with the struggle and the search to recreate the feeling that I felt when love was forbidden and new, and how we are all looking for the same thing, in different places. The video was shot in my apartment in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn and all around my neighborhood near Marcy Avenue and the WIlliamsburg Bridge. Directed by Meg Skaff and Clint Asay.

[info]If you are in the Brooklyn area, you can go to the official release show for the Coeur d’Alene album this coming Sunday, December 2nd at the Cameo Gallery (93 N. 6TH STREET).  You can visit the website for more info on times and who is playing by clicking HERE.[/info]

Check out the full album as it is full of beautiful indie-folk-pop.  To do this and more, you can visit Clint Michigan on the band website, Facebook and purchase on Bandcamp or iTunes.