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Paul Steward - Some Good It Will Come small

Calgary Concert Alert (and new music from): Paul Stewart February 23rd & 24th

Paul Steward - Some Good It Will Come

Vancouverite Paul Stewart has two new tracks just released via Bandcamp and two new dates for live performances here in Calgary!

Firstly, Paul has a show this coming Saturday the 23rd at the Cliff House (conveniently located on Cliff Street – see the Facebook Event) performing with Distance Bullock and then on Sunday the 24th he is at Local 510 (on 17th ave, around 9pm).

Secondly, he has a two track digital album, Some Good It Will Come,  that went live yesterday via his Bandcamp page (see here).  The songs are stunning so I will be embedding both tracks below. Fragile vocals, delicate acoustics, subdued hooks (but still actual hooks) that help this be more than just being soft folk-y type music that can fall into the sea of sameness. I especially like the ‘b-side’ track Stage Name, coming in at just over 5 minutes it is a hefty bite, but holds me the entire time. He builds into each song, so a simple cursory scan of the first minute of the song streams (as many are prone to do, including myself) will not reveal the true song, take the time and drink in what Stewart is providing. It will be worth your time and your $2.00.

This double shot from Paul Stewart and the recently posted on Andy Oliveri two track release are the best double A-side releases I have heard this year. Easily.

Find more of Paul Steward: Facebook | Bandcamp

~Sandy (Smansmith)

p.s. Just a note that the banner image (forest photo) on the front page is by Ryan Bekolay and the album art photo above is from Warren Humeny.