Two suggestions for your weekend: Fort Frances and Valley Maker


Fort Frances - Breathing Room (Unplugged)


Fort Frances are no strangers around here and they have a new EP called Breathing Room that includes something that I can really appreciate…an acoustic/stripped down version alongside the originals.  With this blog being this blog – I will clearly tend to lean towards this ‘unplugged’ side of things. The new EP is up on the iTunes exclusively and includes both the below tracks below along with the originals for a measly $1.99. So then, what are you waiting for?


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P.S. Did you know there is also a great cover of Sufjan Stevens’ track Chicago (below) by FF for a free download? Well then, consider yourself in the know, now.


Valley Maker - Yes I Know I've Loved This World

Valley Maker is Austin Crane from Seattle (via South Carolina) and he paints a picture of my musical history when I used to listen to The Decemberists with wild abandon. While I am not quite as staunch a listener of Decemberists anymore, Crane provides waves of classic Decemberists (if not quite as nautical and only fresher sounding as it is 2013 afterall).  Definitely falling on the lyricist side of the “singer-songwriter” scene, you can immerse in the music while having your path laid out before you by Crane’s words.  Highly recommended.



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*thanks to Twitter friend Terry (@gintherterry) for the heads up on Valley Maker!