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I Am Oak & The Black Atlantic release new EP – Black Oak

Black Oak

The aptly title EP, Black Oak, finds itself streaming at Slowcoustic HQ as I type this.  I am literally on song 4 but as I am very familiar with both, I know I am recommending it to you already.  This is sounding pretty damn great so far – I Am Oak covers The Black Atlantic, The Black Atlantic covers I Am Oak, original tunes – the EP has it all.  Snowstar Records always puts out good stuff, so this EP is a slam dunk.

Listen to a couple of covers from each of them, of each of them (confused yet) below.

Come on, who is going to think the below musical combination would not find itself on the pages of Slowcoustic?  Seriously, this photo;

I Am Oak & The Black Atlantic
Geert & Thijs – Seriously this photo?!

Find the album for purchase from Snowstar: http://snowstar.bandcamp.com/album/black-oak




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One response to “I Am Oak & The Black Atlantic release new EP – Black Oak”

  1. Ben Robinson Avatar
    Ben Robinson

    I love the album art from that EP!