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Listen to ‘Wings’ from the upcoming Field Report album now! Then pine for the Marigolden LP this October.



There is new Field Report my friends.  Today (or a bit earlier last week) saw the first official listen to the lead off promo track Wings from Marigolden, the new album from Field Report (Oct. 7th on Partisan Records).

Wings starts in true FR fashion with ethereal build up and Chris Porterfield’s vocals guiding the way. But alas my friends, there is a slight difference than most previous FR material…there is more of a band vibe with a truly great keyboard/synth (almost the perfect way to build in a song these days).  This is also evident on other tracks from the new album and I have found my go-to comparison is another Best of 2014 lister…”Heal” from Strand of Oaks.  The two bands have shown themselves not to be pinned down as ‘merely’ singer-songwriter/folk and are branching out and almost fleshing out a bigger sound.  In the case of Wings and the album Marigolden, Porterfield and Co. are doing a fantastic job in growing what the sound “Field Report” can be.  Let’s take a listen, shall we;

The album was birthed up here in the great white north of Canada (in Ontario, but it still counts) and the Canadian in me takes full responsibility in the stunning music that was produced.  Look forward to this one people, it will find a home with you and a place on Slowcoustic’s Favourites of the Year come December.

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One response to “Listen to ‘Wings’ from the upcoming Field Report album now! Then pine for the Marigolden LP this October.”

  1. Ryan H Avatar
    Ryan H

    Excellent song. Thanks for the write up. I had no idea they had a new one coming out.