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On 29 November, 2008 by slowcoustic

leftovers recipe from Phillyist

New on the ‘nets this week folks.  Other than secretly wanting a “safe” Black Friday and Thanksgiving (as you ‘mericans), I was mostly MIA this week.  So this week’s list may be a little weak, but still it’s more or less new to me…and it’s not weak.

  • You Ain’t No Picasso put up a post on Noah and the Whale (RIP N.A. Tour) and their cover of a classic – “Girlfriend in a Coma” by the Smiths.  Covers always seem to be in style, don’t they?  Check it.
  • Ooooh, Each Note Secure has done good by me again and posted the new Horse Feathers video for “Curs In The Weeds”.  Sit, Watch and Enjoy here.  That’s it, two “New on the nets” mentions  – ENS you are now elevated to Blogroll!
  • This wasn’t really last week, but I meant to put it on last Saturday – NineBullets has a post on Canadian band The Sumner Brothers.  Glad these guys are getting more play, so check it out here.  I first heard them on a radio show my co-blogger on You Crazy Dreamers has – you might want to listen this Sunday – FTLFM – The Lonesome Drifter starts around 8pm/9pm UK time (or 1pm/2pm MST) – tune in and stream some tunes!
  • Okay, seriousness and quality — pick up a copy of “Peace on Earth Vol. II” from the good folks at It’s Hard to Find a Friend.  Proceeds go to The Children of Uganda Fund and plus it is simply a good album – hell, pick up a copy of Vol. I while you are at it!

I leave you today with a couple of tracks from Jay Bennett’s newest release (yes, that Jay Bennett from Wilco fame).  I am a touch partial to Jay Bennett as he was actually on my very first playlist for Slowcoustic back in December 2005 with his “I Want You Back” from 2004’s album “Beloved Enemy”.   He still has his gritty delivery and classic songwriter talent, so no worries people.  Jay has released “Whatever Happened I Apologize” this year and it is a feature release over on Rock Proper.  All the power to Wilco, but I think at times they do need a bit more Bennett on the roster, ya know.  Well here are a couple tracks from the release, with “Wicked World” being a Daniel Johnston cover.

Visit Mr. Bennett on MySpace here.
Pick up the rest of his new album at Rock Proper here.


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  • Leentje

    Hey S., thanks for sharing Little Blue Pills. Want to listen to it over and over…

  • This is why I am here! Glad you like it.

  • Lothar Z

    Saw Jay for the first time when he was sitting a few feet away from me while playing a live radio gig at the local community radio station (WEFT 90.1 FM) on the weekly local band showcase “The WEFT Sessions”. I was Music Director at the time and knew about many of the local bands and players, but had never heard of Jay. He was playing lead guitar with local country rockers Steve Pride & his Blood Kin. Steve’s band was better than average and were worth checking out, but when Jay started playing, it was clear that he was operating on “another level”. This was probably summer ’92.

    I wasn’t too surprised when a few years later I found out that he was going to be playing the then preeminent local rock club “The Blind Pig” as a member of Wilco. I was working nights and couldn’t get the time off to see the show, but arranged an interview with Jeff & Jay for one of our djs, and remeber that Jay did most of the talking since Jeff was feeling grumpy and bored. Gonna have to catch up with Jay’s recent recordings, thanks for offering up the tracks as a starting point.

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