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If You Haven’t Heard – The Cloud Hymn

How do I describe “The Cloud Hymn” other than repeating the newly assigned band name?  I mean, no better description for a band lies in its name than what I have before you today.  In the same way the band Death Vessel seems like a polar opposite of sound to name, this is a polar opposite of that polar opposite…lost yet? Basically The Cloud Hymn might just sound exactly what you would think they would – beautiful, airy and floating along (but with guitar and piano…).

Okay, seriously though, this unsigned Minnesotan talent took me off guard with the soundscapes and expanse of sound.  You can get lost inside of it all, but still know it is a place built by/for one person.  Whether you write/create due to personal experience (which is the case here) or just because you enjoy doing it (which is also the case here), I think that this cloud project is drifting in the right direction.

Taking us along in the right direction is John Nielsen handling the writing, vocals and guitar for his project.  The terrific piano accents are brought to you from Paul Brandt and some additional vocal pairing from Tani Alyssa Eckdahl.  Together the three have provided an almost ethereal display of these sad, but beautiful songs.

While I mentioned drifting above, I mean moving forward to a release of a full 11 track album by the fall (hopefully).  Nielsen (the man behind the curtain for TCH you could say) assures me that this currently untitled album is completed and just in the midst of mastering prior to that pending release.   There are some good folks in Eau Claire, WI at “The Distillery” that are assisting in the endeavor (here’s lookin’ at you Eric!).  Well all I can say is I am looking forward to hearing the album and getting lost in it all.

That’s it for another installment of “If You Haven’t Heard“, I have a couple demo tracks for you all below, so drift along with these until the full length CD arrives and I try to sell you all on them once again.


p.s.  This post is mirrored over at You Crazy Dreamers – here.  Included there is another track by TCH not included here!



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