Daniel Ledwell – Two Over Seven

So now that I have caught your attention, lets get down to why you are all here.  Great music from the East coast of Canada – the kind without all the highland dancing (sorry inside joke).  Okay not all great music is from the East coast of Canada, but there sure is a bit of a tradition for it in a place that doesn’t exactly have the huge metropolis population (such as Toronto/Montreal/Vancouver).  One such talent and provider of that great music is Daniel Ledwell, and yes, he is pictured above.

So the album “Two Over Seven” came out WAY back in January of this year (January 29th to be exact) and is 7 songs of great indie-folk-pop songs.  The album has descriptions of “simply layering” and “clean musical lines”, which although correct, make you think that there isn’t much here – I disagree.  With the use of a plethora of great folk instruments from the banjo (again, my favourite) to the pedal steel and cello, there is a great connection of folk and indie pop.  While the album finds it self precariously close to an “EP” with it being at 7 tracks and coming in around 25 minutes total, there is a fair amount of material here (or at least it seems like it).  His delicate and harmonious voice is the accent to the great music and floats over these songs beautifully, not conflicting with the albums warm feeling.

Daniel (or Dan) is also part of “In Flight Safety” taking care of the piano/keyboard of the acclaimed band – check their MySpace, catch the new video – well done I must say.  Both Ledwell and In Flight Safety are signed to Dead Daisy Records and you can find albums for purchase on Zunior.

I leave you with a track from the album (I would do more, but come on there is only 7 tracks, go buy a copy to hear more – it’s even on iTunes for less than $7.00 people!).  The album track is “Daisy, You Are A Liar” and it enjoys a great Alt Country feel, nice…  Also below is a new song from a compilation from Out Of Sound Records “Monocane” and as far as I know is only available here.

Don’t you all just want to move to Canada now…