If You Haven’t Heard – Donovan Woods

This one is going to be a keeper folks, the fourth installment of If You Haven’t Heard – “Donovan Woods”.  Oh, did I mention we also have an unreleased new song as well??  Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I have been listening to Donovan Woods for a little while, and in that short while I have found out that I tend to listen to him more than most artists (thank you Last.fm stats).  There is a reason for this, plain and simple, his music is something that you can listen to, be amazed by, and not get tired of.  Since picking up his 2007 release “The Hold Up”, it has ended up being one of my most listened to albums.  His music reminds you of something that could be recorded by Sufjan Stevens (but without the theatrics).  There is great guitar work, harmonies that compliment his strong knowledge of what works and sounds good.  His music can be classic songwriter sparse and build up in tempo to an almost upbeat folk feel.  At first I was a bit surprised that at times, such a delicate delivery of lyrics came from a guy that just might kick my ass for saying “delicate”.  I guess I can just be thankful that Donovan likes bloggers.  In fact he assures me that us “denizens of internet musical delivery” have been integral in his growing popularity.  Well I think that this blogger enjoys delivering this music, classic folk/singer-songwriter stuff – songs that you can almost sing along to and not feel stupid doing it…ya know?  Remember I said “almost sing along to” – I don’t think I have the chops of Mr. Woods.

Woods is a local in the Toronto scene (of which the photo above is most likely from after a live gig at the Central) and is currently signed to the Sunny Lane Records Label.  You can also pick up a copy of “The Hold Up” from iTunes (highly recommended) and after that you can wait alongside me for the upcoming 8 track EP “The Widowmaker”.  I think that the EP should surface soon, but an exact release date hasn’t been released (well, to me at least).  AAAAND….although you will still have to wait to purchase the rest of the EP, we have a taste of new material in the form of the unreleased track “Phone”.  The song stays true to Donovan’s acoustic and piano driven ballads with that heartbreaking delivery of the lyrics and that classic build to the chorus.

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do and after listening I assure you that Donovan Woods will start to climb your list of favourites if he isn’t already there.  Also, don’t forget to visit You Crazy Dreamers for more Donovan Woods music on the mirrored post over there!