Dustin Gamble

So in lead up to J. Tillman’s new album being released tomorrow (wow, I think I must have a man crush on Josh, due to the last few posts…), I have a bit of a “J. Tillman in the making” in Dustin Gamble for your listening pleasure today.

I stumbled across Dustin’s MySpace profile while searching for something new to listen to and often you get a photo, that just makes you stop and wonder.  The photo was this;

Come on, you wouldn’t have stopped – he could be a younger, more sleepy Josh Tillman??  I mean the ratio of beard to folk music quality alone requires a listen!  I am glad I did stop and did listen – I am very impressed with Dustin’s hushed folk tracks, totally lo-fi bedroom folk – great stuff.  When I say bedroom folk, I actually mean it, not just as a descriptor but for what it is.  Dustin creates of his music where ever he may be and records in what is his bedroom studio – often same day and possibly even single takes.  I envy the ability to put something together from nothing and have it really have potential to join in with folk style artists that may have been around for a while.  Sure it can be hard to get out there and be a “successful” musician, but it is the roots or the marrow of the songs/harmonies/delivery that should always be where the music actually lives.  I think Dustin is in that place…now to get him on tour with Tillman….

I have a couple of tracks below to see if you see what I see (the answer is yes, but let me know in the comments if you have other ideas).  Visit Dustin on his Tumblr page as well as his MySpace Page to listen and pick up a copy of his 6 track self titled EP.