Artist Revisited: Dustin Gamble

Just listened to a couple of Dustin Gamble tracks and thought I would share.  I was reminded of him as he just started following me on the Twitters so I took a spin back through his Reverbnation page and thought I would show you how to spend a Slowcoustic St. Valentine’s Day.  For a reminder, I did a post on Dustin way back in 2008 here.  I am not sure if he is still really recording as the two songs below have been around for a bit (I believe) but they are excellent slowcore folk jams not to be missed.

“Storefront Inn”

Just a suggestion to check the guy out and listen to a few sad bastard tracks this February 14th.


p.s.  I don’t really ‘celebrate’ today as it is my Mom’s birthday and she just steals the show every year from my wife….so, then…Happy Birthday MOM!!

p.p.s.  My mom doesn’t steal anything.  Ever.  Love you Mom.