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Album to look forward to: Weinland – “Breaks In The Sun”

Upcoming on April 21st, 2009 – Badman Recording Company is releasing the next album from Weinland called “Breaks In The Sun”.  If you are familiar with Weinland, you will know it will be an album of rich textrure and at times ethereal acoustic melodies.  Believe me, it is that good.  If by chance you find that all your taste is not just in your mouth, you will have the urge to pick up the album upon release.

Band Synopsis:

Beginning as a bedroom recording project in 2001 under the name John Weinland, the band turned into a full-fledged act in 2005 and as a natural evolution, dropped the name John to simply be referred to as WEINLAND. This music bears the heart of Neil Young, the thoughtfulness of Nick Drake and the beautiful sorrow of Elliott Smith. Weinland’s music stems from a myriad of experiences and by employing an arsenal of musicians to include Aaron “Rantz” Pomerantz (dobro, mandolin, bells, pedal steel, accordion, lap steel, etc), Rory Brown (bass), Ian Lyles (drums, banjo) and Paul Christensen (piano, keyboards) they assist in creating the signature lush and haunting WEINLAND sound.

While the previous album “La Lamentor” was very much acclaimed, the new album at times slips into a more empty location, it seems even more atmospheric while still retaining a “band” sound.  What I mean is that you can still tell this is not one guy sitting and recording (not always a bad thing) – but you have the depth of musicians creating and growing a sound.  There is more indie-folk songs like “Hardly Worth Saving” to the stellar “Sunken Eyes” and its somber cadence.  Not unlike moving from a solo artist to a band, Weinland may just be growing into a sound that this Portland act is most comfortable with.

Enjoy a track from the upcoming album (its a killer) with some previous works from “La Lamentor” below.

“Sunken Eyes” – Weinland – from 2009’s “Breaks In The Sun”

WeinlandLa Lamentor

“God Here I Come” (mp3)
Sick As a Gun” (mp3)
“The Devil In Me” (mp3)
from “La Lamentor”
(Badman Recording Co)

More On This Album

Bonus Vimeo performance:

Devil In Me from Kevin Johnston on Vimeo.

Visit Weinland on their Website, MySpace Page and Label Page.




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