Friday Discovery – MORE Elephant Micah!

So we all know I am a ridiculous fan of Joe O’Connell’s “Elephant Micah” recording persona.  I honestly have to say that his most recent full album release “Exiled Magicians” is going to be a top album for the decade for me – see for yourself by visiting Third Uncle Records to pick up a copy.  Swing by my post HERE for a stream of “Imperial Blues” from the album – just click “play in pop up” – that track stops me in my tracks each time I hear it.

If you don’t care about hushed folk, solo acoustic, walks just after dusk and the hiss of a 1963 radio then turn around right now and quickly scuffle off.  If you are interested (and you should be), give a listen and ensure you listen in the right frame of mind.  If you just finished your Vitamin B infused smoothie, come back later.   If you just closed a great deal and you are presenting your good fortune to the boss, come back later.  If you are at peace with the day, you are ready to sit back, and really enjoy a hazy fuzz folk tune – stop, stay and listen and find a home with Elephant Micah.

So I guess you have realized it isn’t really a “discovery”, but I did find some new music that is readily available on his website and it needs to be listened to.  So the below songs are all available on his “newly revamped” website (wear sunglasses prior to clicking the link) – be sure to visit for many more great examples of why I enjoy his sound soo much.  You gotta love an artist who is willing to put full albums up for free download (yes, I said full album downloads) – this man is about the music.  Almost zen in his approach to sharing his work – through almost any means necessary, as he is noted for being quite open about his positive feelings towards file sharing.  Remember though – be a good guy, donate via link on his site so we can continue to have the option of listening to more and more EM.

Update on some tour dates for Elephant Micah in case you are around (keep an eye on his site for the “?” locations), you will find Dark Dark Dark on the bill as well!

4/1/09 EUGENE, OR at “?”
4/2/09 PORTLAND, OR at The Romansion
4/3/09 OLYMPIA, WA at “?”