Played Out – New, Old, Unknown, Almost Popular Playlist?

It is true, I am delving into the fray (not the band, cuz that’s weird) and putting out a Sunday Mixlist.  It is almost a blogger tradition to put out playlists/mixtapes/themed musical collections.  I tend to try and theme some (see ladies night/men’s night), but sometimes I find it a bit of a chore to “theme” a list – then you get music that you might not have ever put on a list together, but because the title matches some theme – it all of a sudden is good enough to post?  But maybe that is the idea behind it, putting songs out with a common thread, if only for an idea or word.  Regardless – the “Various” theme gets mucho play around my place, for good reason – put songs together that you want to listen to or are trying out, not because the band name includes an animal…wait, that list might be an option…wait, it would be way too long in the indie world!


Coming To Terms With GravitySoutheast Engine
This indie rock group slows it down for the title track to their 2005 album.  New album “From The Forest To The Sea” just released in February.

BubbleThe O’Darling
Gorgeous Orchestral Slowcore Pop from this Toronto Band, nuff said.

The Daredevil Christopher WrightThe Daredevil Christoper Wright
New album, ‘In Deference to a Broken Back’ coming out in May 19th – This one has a bit for everyone, folk, sing along, indie rock and singer songwriter – the waters of Wisconsin are deep my friends.

Leaves & Lay” – Slow Down Molasses
Another winner from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan!  Currently on tour from Central Canada, then moving Easterly, check them out if you can.

Harmless Lover’s DiscourseOdawas
Shoegaze from this ex-Indiana duo.  New album “The Blue Depths” just out on Jagjaguwar.

Leaves Are BurningDanny Schmidt
Nice bit of hometown singer songwriter from Austin, Texas (I am sure he is about to be overrun shortly – but this guy is Austin Texas!).  Enjoy a track from his 2007 album “Little Grey Sheep”.  His new album “Instead the Forest Rose To Sing” is also just out in time for SXSW.

BreakdownWentworth Kersey
Very new to me, introduced by Olivier over on You Crazy Dreamers Blog. Described as a “Sci-fi Folk” artist, you get hazy folk, with long ago keyboards on this lead off track from his new album.  Of note, his nephew Joe Kersey Sampson is a favourite as well – keep an eye out for more tributes to Wentworth coming soon.

The Poison (By Pedro the Lion)The Sarcastic Dharma Society
What is a Sunday playlist without a cover track?  Well here we go with SDS and his cover of PtL’s “The Poison” – while his album “Other People’s Songs (Volume One)” is a complimentary download, this track is one of the best.

Arriving” – Wand (James Jackson Toth formerly of “Wooden Wand”)
May 26th will see Mr. Toth’s release of “Hard Knox or ‘Are You Sure Hank Jr Done It This Way?'” which is a collection of demos and home recordings.  Just lo-fi enough to be right up my alley.