The Sarcastic Dharma Society release Free EP “Sannyasa Songs (of Love)

Some may remember a previous post on The Sarcastic Dharma Society being featured on a playlist a while back for his cover of Pedro the Lion (see here).  You might have thought you needed more?  Worry no more, we have more lo-fi goodness released for free download!  Mat Vuksinich who records as Sarcastic Dharma Society continues to impress – whether it is his increasing series of recordings at CLLCT or the ease at which he creates these moments of homespun musical perfection.

The new album “Sannyasa Songs (of Love)” are lo-fi beauty, catch, pop gems.  They were recorded over the last couple of years in various “basement” locations and it really brings the lo-fi simplicity to the album.  Some may shy away from “lo-fi”, but don’t, you miss out on some of the most delicate and honest songs you will ever hear.  While this style isn’t for everyone and you may have to listen to a bit of “hiss” in the background, it’s more than worth it.  Take a listen for yourself below with 2 tracks from the Less Than Three Records site.

“The Giving Tree”

(Taken from 2010’s Sannyasa Songs (of Love)”

Find TSDS:


p.s.  Bonus cover from that aforementioned cover album “Other People’s Songs (Volume One)” – “The First Day of My Life (Bright Eyes Cover)”