Cleaning off the Desktop – The “no connection is the connection” Cop-Out Mixtape

So just cleaning up my desktop.  I tend to find songs, take a listen, then know I am going to like it and simply download to my desktop.  I tend to leave soo many tracks on my desktop that I miss actually listening to them!  So here we have some tracks that haven’t made it into an “organized folder” in order to arrange in perfect harmony (no pun intended) with my music library.  I have included a selection for you to see if we are on the same page, but some were removed due to thinking they aren’t really approved to post for some reason.  At least I think I removed those ones, I tend to forget where I get songs when zig zagging across the web – so if I have stolen something from you, I apologize – and let me know, so I can remove or give you props!

The tracks range mostly in the realm of singer songwriter, folk, indie, slowcore in style, but all caught my ear while browsing artist pages, forums,, etc.  Some are older than others, some are covers and most (if not all) are readily available online already, but see how they are conveniently packaged in one post like this….selfless I am…selfless.

~“Fairies Wear Boots (Black Sabbath Cover)” – Bill Patton …{Visit}
~“It Ain’t Me Babe” – A White Antelope …{Visit}
~“This Time It Will” – Jeff Hanson …{Visit}
~“The Hero is a Graduate” – Mumblin’ Deaf Ro …{Visit on Indiecater}
~“Mine is a Light (demo) – Hello, Broken Arrow …{Visit} – now that I look, I think I stole this from “Song, By Toad“!!!  I’m gonna get it for this one…
~“Diminished Returns (RAC mix)” – Magnolia Summer …{Visit}
~“Future Ghost” – Hinterland …{Visit}
~“Chaff Dust Sand Snow” – Pearson …{Visit} – Thanks Herohill!
~“Stray Age” – Daniel Martin Moore …{Visit}


p.s.  I will aim to show my inner nerd here, but did anyone else find the end of BG last night a bit wanting?