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My “Various Desktop Mp3s” playlist


I have done this before (see here) and I just did the whole drag and drop into my iTunes and have a new playlist for this Saturday. I have had these mp3s on my desktop for weeks now and they are not related at all besides the fact that I listened quickly, liked it and downloaded it, then didn’t import the songs to my iTunes. I don’t know what I’m doing half the time – there is soo much music out there and I try to grab as much of the stuff that I like, but it is like running up a wet banana with feet doused in baby oil. Don’t ask why I just typed that description – a bit groggy after pints last night.

So again, I apologize if you are a fellow blogger and I have stolen your music (but imitation is the sincerest…) but I can’t fully remember where all these songs came from.  Hell, if I downloaded them, they are sitting out there somewhere anyway, right?  Some are aptly labeled (well the Walkmen track is) and a few are from Last.fm, some might be artist submissions that I didn’t label correctly, etc.  I like them, so I hope you all can take them and listen and maybe pick up an album or single?

Saturday Desktop Mix

On the Water (In a Van Sessions – La Blogotheque) – The Walkmen {Visit} (La Blogotheque does no wrong, visit for more from this session!)

The Vagabond, Drunkard and Bank Man – Starving Pride {Visit} (find some more free downloads on his Last.fm page)

Where Was Your Mind – John Zambricki {Visit} (Nice singer songwriter stuff here, guy needs more love!)

Curse of a Drunk – The Takers {Visit} (great indie country with a rock edge)

The Revival Is Over – Sam Lowry {Visit} (gothic folk, stunning – see previous post on Sam)

Song for God – The Mountain Goats {Visit} (out take from one of the best lo-fi albums ever “All Hail West Texas”)

Faced Down – Sweedish {Visit} (New EP of mellow folk pop is only $5 at their website!)

Enjoy the fall weekend folks (did I mention that I think I saw snow in the forecast for Calgary next week??!!?).  I am hanging on to fall for a bit longer before these Saturday mixes become snowy-hibernation playlists!