Sam Lowry’s “With/Without” – hits the spot.

I have been in a bit of a funk lately.  For a guy who routinely listens to “sad bastard music”, this can be a bit of a deep hole to dig out of.  So with this in mind, I have found solace in the singer songwriter (surprise), but one that comes with a signature voice.  You might have received a bit of a preview of this style of singer songwriter with the Sean Rowe post from 2 days ago.  It is a baritone style voice that is southern and gothic and can be thought of as the narrator’s voice of a campfire spook story.  Sam Lowry has it and it has been helping me dig out of this last few days and I dare say is bringing this blogger out of his funk.

The new album “With/Without” just came out this week digitally and will see an official release on May 19th and should be on your “to buy” list if it isn’t already.  I admit to hearing very little of him in the past and will definitely be checking out more of this Indiana talent.  The album cover might give you a bit of insight to what this dark Americana brings to the table.  There is songs of solitude, remorse and coming to grips with relationships in the real world – all with ominous acoustic country soundtrack.  So basically it is not light fare, but again with many artists that “hit the spot” for me, it is simply what works for me.  It works very well indeed, check out 3 songs below.

Sam LowryWith / Without
“A New Year (Song For Ryan)” (mp3)
“Naomi Says” (mp3)
“Manhattan Took Us First” (mp3)
from “With / Without”
(Higher Step Records)

More On This Album

New album tour dates

5.10.2009 – Urbana, IL
5.14.2009 – Cleveland, OH
5.15.2009 – Lansing, MI
5.16.2009 – Milwaukee, WI
5.17.2009 – Dekalb, IL
5.19.2009 – Bloomington, IN
5.28.2009 – Eugene, OR
5.29.2009 – San Francisco, CA
5.30.2009 – Los Angeles, CA
6.1.2009 – Tucson, AZ
6.3.2009 – Austin, TX
6.6.2009 – Lawrence, KS
6.7.2009 – Denver, CO
6.8.2009 – Salt Lake City, UT

Visit Sam Lowry on MySpace or on his Label page over at Higher Step Records for more info and a pre-order of the album.