I Was Reminded How Much I Love Lewis & Clarke, Now It’s Your Turn.

A friend recommended and sent me a copy of the new Lewis & Clarke’s “Light Time”.  That friend is Tim Showalter (or Strand of Oaks, and fellow label mate of L&C) and I can’t thank him enough and I have to say, I was reminded how much I get lost in the beauty of almost anything they do.  I dare say it, I Love Lewis & Clarke.

The press quote below for the new 4 track EP release:

Light Time is a subtle and powerful 12″ vinyl exercise in it’s own flaws, weaknesses and strength of purpose. Side A’s two tracks act as one piece of transitional music; confrontational and satisfying with the softest abandon of self-awareness. Side B glances to the past and confirms the restorative cycle of death, decay, contemplation and re-growth. For all of the whispery voiced, faux-bohemian, lilting clichés that over populate what we can loosely term as “folk music”, Lewis & Clarke once again reminds us that the heart, above all else, is a muscle.

Yes, it is a little deep, but it gets you an idea of the sounds that will be emanating from the pressed plastic that we should all own.  The 4 tracks (including a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Chelsea Hotel” and a reworking of “Dead and Gone” from the “Bare Bones and Branches album) is currently out on coloured vinyl in a pressing of 500.  What this means is pick it up and get lost in it – you can’t but help to feel yourself stuck in time, feet in stone, heart on your sleeve.

Purchase the new EP on Vinyl or Mp3 below:

Paypal for vinyl:
$16 USA ppd.

Digital purchase:

Take a listen to a track from the EP below, plus a great track from their “Blasts of Holy Birth” album.  Visit Lewis & Clarke on their Label Page and MySpace as well.


p.s.  Don’t get me started on thier cover of The Cure’s “Disintegration”…stellar.  Once you get Robert Smith’s voice out of your head, you truly discover it’s worth.  The original has a bit more bite and is an all time favourite in the first place, so it takes a bit to do it justice…