Basket of Figs – Dead Language

Dead Language

Back again with the new EP from Basket of Figs.  This Toronto phenom is known for her EP releasing (maybe an album upcoming….maybe…) and they all are self released and incredibly dark, stunning lo-fi experiences.  I have said it before and I will say it again, you feel drawn into her voice, it is like it is from another time, it is Janis Joplin meets Billie Halliday, stunning.

BoF is basically unknown for the most part (see here) and that works for me, it makes the music that much more special, unique and intimate.  She has even gone as far as removing her first official EP release “666” from being distributed, so if you have it, consider yourself lucky.  I even joked on that previous post about checking out her Tumblr page before it is deleted….guess what, yes, it now without any content at all!

The thought was that she was going to be releasing a full length album this year, but now we have another EP release…hmmm.  The EP has 6 tracks, with one track “Steady” being from that “666” EP.  Dead Language comes in at just over 15 minutes worth of escape from your surroundings.

Please take a listen, visit the YerBird Aviary ($25 for a year membership) and get this EP, her former 2009 EP “Oh Eye, Oh Night”.


p.s.  wear headphones.