Did I say that I was anticipating the new Brown Bird album? WELL I AM.


The band is Brown Bird.  The album is The Devil Dancing.  The release is November 2009.  Stalk Peapod Recordings and I am sure it will pop up at some point.

A bit about the album recording;

“The Devil Dancing” is Brown Bird’s second full-length album on Peapod Recordings. The album is set to be released on CD and LP in November of 2009. It was recorded in two separate multi day sessions. The first session took place at Hogfarm Studios in Biddeford, ME and included the upright bass work of Micah Blue Smaldone (Death Vessel, Fire on Fire). The second session took place at the Peapod Recording Studio in Portland, ME.

Enjoy a sneak peek of some of the new album below!

“By The Reins” (originally on the Brown Bird/Annie Palmer split tour EP – be reworked and beefed up band wise for the upcoming release)
“Down To The River” – again a more bluesy band persona coming out of Brown Bird, evolution of the singer songwriter?
“Danger and Dread” – just a damn good track

If you notice a bit more of a full sound – it seems like the 5 piece is really taking on the challenge of putting together full folk album.   What I mean is that Brown Bird wasn’t simply a guy (David Lamb) with a guitar, but it could be pulled of as such if needed.  This “evolution” includes numerous instruments and has been compared to a “miniature orchestra” and I like where it is going.  Anything that has a down tempo vibe with acoustic guitar, cello, strings…just kills me!  The new album officially receives it’s contributions from the crew that consists of:

David Lamb: vocals, guitar, banjo, percussion
MorganEve Swain: vocals, violin, viola, cello, ukelele
Mike Samos: dobro, lap steel, elec. guitar

Jeremy Robinson: vocals, accordion, banjo
Jerusha Robinson: vocals, cello

So yeah, I looking forward to the full release, you should be to.

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