Why isn’t this guy famous? (Pt II) – Brown Bird

Sorry for not posting yesterday, it should wet your appetite for a great post…well people, it looks to have all worked out then….everyone, I give you;

Brown Bird (or David Lamb) has been around officially for the last 5 years (maybe a bit more actually…), but is finally getting his credit where it has been due for a while – well from me at least!  I first heard Brown Bird a few years back when I absolutely had to have the pseudo compilation “Tautology” which is actually kind of a merging of two EPs and released in 2006 (with songs from the previous few years and the help of the Family Robinson – Jeremy and Jerusha).  I was hooked from the first full play of “Some Boys’ Scars” and “Train to the City”.   The mix of orchestral elements and acoustic Americana blew me away!  That and the fact that it was a touch hard to get for some dude up in Canada made me all the more intrigued, finding a track here and there across the internet was the way of the day for me.

Then comes along the album “such unrest” in 2007 and I had to search this out as well and finally picked up my copy (along with an official copy of “Tautology“) from CD Baby.  This album solidified for me the fact that this is some of the best somber folk tinged stories I had in my ever growing library.  “such unrest” brought with it a phenomenal title track along with the stellar “My Mind is an Alter” – again with strings, finger picked guitar and an ever present lamenting accordion.

Most recently this year, we saw the release of “The Bottom of the Sea” at which point we had a trio of quality releases.  This guy just can’t miss!  While his music is very consistent, there does seem to be growth over the last few years, if for nothing else, a more refined production value.  This album is clearly going to be on my “Best of 2008” post (it’s in the works people, in the works…) with it being a bit more “solo” of a project.  By “solo” I mean this release sees a bit less of a combination of instruments and concentrates more on the singer and his songs – hauntingly gorgeous.

With the release of “The Bottom of the Sea”, Lamb was busy touring the U.S. and is currently back in New England for the reminder of this year (with a couple of upcoming shows in the area).  He also discussed with me some upcoming news – a new release next year through Peapod Recordings!.  This new album will see the return of cello, accordion, banjo (my favourite) and introducing a lap steel – sounds promising to say the least.  Also, If we are lucky we will get a chance to pick up a copy of his split EP with Annie Palmer, that currently is only available at shows (released through Peapod as well – cross your fingers).

Well that’s it for the gushing, lets get down to three audible examples of the beauty of Brown Bird.