Annie Palmer, yeah, Annie Palmer

Annie Palmer is in good company.  Annie Palmer is surrounded by great people.  Annie Palmer is someone I want to know.  I thought I had to post on Ms. Palmer today as yesterday I posted on her Michigan brethren Chris Bathgate.  Does she run in the same circles?  One quick look on her MySpace page and there is a post from Bathgate in the last couple of weeks…hmmm.   Did I mention she just finished a tour with Castanets that she called a “great adventure”.  Annie Palmer is someone I want to know.

Wait, she did a split EP with Brown Bird this year that I consider a top EP for the year.  So a favourite 2008 EP with Brown Bird, who we all know I am a big fan of.  Annie Palmer is surround by great people and in good company.  I think it just may be Annie Palmer.  Whether she is performing solo or on the stage alongside the best Michigan talent (of which she is), I simply find her music captivating and I think others may know this as well.  Despite not having an official full length album released yet (of which I have asked her to get moving on!!), she is criminally underplayed.

Other than the split EP with Brown Bird, Palmer also has an EP of her own entitled “Wake Up Son” and it is 5 songs of acoustic wanting.  She has a knack of simply strumming a guitar and pouring over the chords with a voice that is both soft yet aching.  You can almost feel like she can be a classic 40’s/50’s crooner – great examples of this are the two tracks included below.  “Reckon” from the Brown Bird Split gives you a solo Palmer (minor backing)…just that perfect amount that can hush a room – then everyone leans back into their chair realizing this is what they call intimate songwriting.  While “Come Home” is from her own “Wake Up Son” EP and is simply a perfect folk song in the classic need for someone/thing in order to continue on.

Visit Annie on her MySpace Page and her Virb Page.  Be her friend, if not only for me.