September release I officially missed: Donovan Woods’ “The Widowmaker”

I tend to be all over the map when it comes to music actually being released – I often get pre-released stuff, unreleased stuff, older stuff – so without big bold letters saying the official release date, I am simply in the dark at the best of times.  A good example of this happened with Donovan Woods that came out this past September 7th…bad music blogger I know.  Well, then let’s get to the overdue update:

This first album (I have another one I missed for you tomorrow) I have actually had for quite a while and hence I missed the actual release because it seemed like it had been out for 6 months already…but alas…September 7th folks!

The Album is from Donovan Woods and is called “The Widowmaker” and to dumb it down, it is simply great.  It is a blend of melancholy stories brought forth in gorgeous arrangements alongside almost uptempo moments of full sing along (for me at least).   Woods provides a mostly acoustic performance backed by some piano and his “real life” look at life.  What I mean is Woods not only provides a landscape of music that is soothing and inviting, but he tells it like it is – he will have lyrics that reflect what you might actually be thinking…weird, I know!  It’s can take you off guard at times, but it is completely refreshing and makes for such a real collection of stories that span growing up, losing love and calling people on their shit.  This album is highly recommended and is now available worldwide, so see below to pick up a copy (and get his previous “The Hold Up” as well, one of 2008’s best albums).

“Lawren Harris” – Donovan Woods, from 2010’s The Widowmaker

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