James Vincent McMorrow – “We Are Ghosts” & a love/hate rant

I have a love/hate relationship with JVM.  What you say?  It’s true.

Well, let’s get the awkwardness out of the way.  I love the guy’s music from the first time I heard it.  He contacted me about a year and a half ago with some new songs he had demos for and I instantly loved them (see post here).  Definitely Slowcoustic material if I ever heard it.  But…you simply can’t “legally” purchase a download of anything from him other than one song via iTunes in Canada from what I can find.  This can’t be personal right?

I have had his album “Early in the Morning” for about a year now only because he personally sent it to me.  It still hasn’t made it to be distributed in Canada with the saving grace being that you can purchase a physical CD direct from him in Ireland via his website ($22.50 w/shipping) and have it sent over.  I am a fan of physical media, so this definitely placates me if I was looking to purchase an album…mostly.  Even in the US, you can only purchase a 4 track EP that is essentially made up of selected tracks from his full length album, but still no actual album can be purchased in the good ol’ USA either.  I just think the guy needs more people to love him like I do and all I can think is that there are some wonky deals going on behind the scenes.  So to recap, love James, hate his distribution network.  ’nuff said.

But some good news is that he has a new 7″ out with a couple of new tracks (again, no digital options this side of the pond) on his website that you can look into.  He also streams a lot from his SoundCloud page where the below track is from (both tracks from the 7″ are there).  My current favourite from JVM is “We Are Ghosts” which once again shows why I enjoy a JVM song, acoustics, that falsetto-esque delivery and dreamy indie folk that I have come to love.  Listen below:

We are ghosts by jamesvmcmorrow

So swing on by his website (here) and his SoundCloud page (here) to get a bit more info and some additional Sunday listening.