Best New Music. Okay Best New Almost Released Music: James Vincent McMorrow

James Vincent Mc Morrow

I was introduced to James’ music this past August with a demo he sent over that was recently mixed and he was itching to get it “out there”.  Well, by “itching” I mean politely and graciously offering a track that he was proud of and only hoped that I might enjoy it no strings attached, then itching he was.  Well, it became my favourite song for the month of September and still is on heavy rotation on my best of 2009 playlist (that is growing by the day!).  I am mentioning this as low and behold I have another track and it is once again intoxicatingly good.  I am clearly a fan of all things that consist of the unhurried tempo, but it still has to be good.  Sometimes when you listen, it happens to be great.  I found myself listening and immediately being drawn into it’s intimate, quiet but still “big” sound.  I was telling James that I found his music something that I didn’t have to try to get into as it was effortless, I liked it from the very first listen.

The only problem is his album isn’t out yet!?!  Well from what I am gleaning from the first two samples I have heard, clearly James belongs to a talented clubhouse that would consider Bon Iver & The Black Atlantic among its members.  I don’t enjoy comparing artists, but he is definitely in the hushed acoustic genre that I hold dear to my very soul.  The fact that he does most (if not all) his recordings alone with a mic and his guitar makes the music all the more real and powerful.  The new album should be out in December in Ireland (where he calls home) as it is just finishing up the final mixing.  I am eagerly looking forward to it over on this side of the pond.

James is also getting some good exposure as one of his songs is currently used in a commercial in Ireland for the Bernardos Help Change A Child’s Future” Campaign that is currently airing.  The commercial includes powerful images and with the backing of McMorrow the commercial is a very intense message and truly helps emphasize an important issue.

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Barnardos Video, consider visiting the cause if you have a moment.