New Album ‘Cold Satellite’ from Jeffrey Foucault & Co.

This isn’t a review per se, but after starting to listen to this album (and a quick post yesterday that included the track “Geese Fly By” from this album), I thought I should at least make a mention.

So I am a fan of Foucault and I will obviously like the songs crafted herein, but more so I have been missing a bit more “Americana Country” in my life lately and this album is helping me out in that situation.  God damn, the slow burning balladeer tracks are great and they are plentiful on this album.  Admittedly I didn’t download the entire album and selected the tracks that immediately jumped out to this sad bastard.  Tracks like the aforementioned Geese Fly By, the below track Deserter’s Information Center are a good start and are lead off promotional tracks.  But don’t stop there and think you have the album figured out.

The album has some great tracks in songs like In Our Own Country, Standing Ovation and Late Season that show waning guitar and Foucault’s pitch perfect voice.  You also get a more mexi-cali influenced song in “There I Go” and the roaming troubadour track of “Twice I Left Her”.  Overall I have to recommend the album as the tried and true delivery by Foucault is not lost here and is hitting the spot for me.  Listen in:

“Deserter’s Information Center” – Jeffrey Foucault

Swing on by his website here to purchase or you can always use the juggernaut iTunes here and even the new eMusic here.