New album alert: Jeffrey Foucault’s “Horse Latitudes” out May 3rd, 2011


Just wanted to update that one of my favourite laid back son of a bitches Jeffrey Foucault has a new album out the beginning of May called “Horse Latitudes”.

While Foucault’s original material has always had a positive response, the last few releases have been a mixture of covers, collaborations and live efforts.  All still pretty darn solid in my opinion, but I am looking forward to another album of originals.  The album is supposed to fill the dance card with uptempo jams and ‘whispering solo pieces’, so it looks to have a bit of everything.  Take a listen to the title track below;

“Horse Latitudes” – Jeffrey Foucault
from 2011’s “Horse Latitudes” (Pre-Order)

You can find more downloads on his website and a few mentions of JF right here on Slowcoustic (here, here & here).